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Dec. 11, 2019

How to Get Ready for Homeownership While Renting in Reston

Get ready for homeownership while renting in Reston.For many people, renting in Reston makes sense. This is especially true for people who are just starting out. Those who plan to move in the near future are better off with a rental than buying a house. However, once you’ve decided to stay for five years or more, the balance starts to tip, and it makes more sense to buy. Most people have to be strategic about how they plan to afford a house, especially their first one.

First you need to see where your money is going. Track your expenses and make a budget. Figure out how much you’re paying in bills every month--rent, a car payment, insurance, phone, utilities, credit cards, student loans, and any other recurring bills. Add in what you pay for groceries, gas, and other necessities that vary from month to month.

You’ll Get a Better Loan for Reston Real Estate if You Don’t Have Debt

Next, you need to pay down debt. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the lender is going to look at your debt to income ratio when they decide how big a loan to give you. You will be able to borrow more if you have less debt. One good way to pay down debt fast is to pay off the smallest debt first. Then take the money you were paying on that debt and add it to the payment on the next smallest debt. Pay the minimum payment on the others, or more if you can manage it. While you’re working on debt, get your credit report. Make sure that it is accurate and correct any errors.

When you have a handle on your debt, start saving for a down payment. Having a large down payment will also enable you to buy a larger or nicer house. Saving will also give you a chance to tweak your budget and get used to putting aside enough money every month to have an emergency fund, if you aren’t already.

This is a long term plan that will get you on solid financial footing when you switch from renting in Reston to being a homeowner. Feel free to get in touch with our office if you want more information on the house buying process.


Dec. 9, 2019

Ted’s Bulletin Is the Neighborhood Eatery Close to Any Reston Home

Eat at Ted's Bulletin near your Reston home.If you’re looking for a new eatery to try near your Reston home, come on out to Ted’s Bulletin. Located in Reston Town Center, Ted’s is serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, in keeping with their motto “Savor the every day”. Whether you’re a committed carnivore, a vegetarian, or gluten-free, Ted’s has something delicious for you. 

Start the day out right with breakfast. Or come in for breakfast anytime--it’s served all day. If you’ve got a big appetite, try the Big Mark Breakfast. It’s a platter with three eggs, cooked your favorite way, 2 slices of applewood bacon, 2 sausages, hash browns, toast, and a Ted’s Tart (like Pop Tarts, only better). Not so hungry? Have a plate of avocado toast or greens, eggs, and ham. You can also create your own breakfast plate, which includes two eggs, your choice of meat, toast made from your favorite type of bread, hash browns or for a little extra, a premium side like Ted’s Tarts or tater tots.

Take a Break From Reston Real Estate Hunting to Eat at Ted’s

For lunch and dinner, served after 11 a.m., Reston home owners have lots of delicious choices. The short-rib pot roast is served with whipped potatoes, glazed carrots, crispy onions, and demi-glace. It’s also perfect for those with gluten sensitivities. Vegetarians will love the spaghetti and Impossi-balls (meatballs made from Impossible meat). Ted’s Burger is everything you hope a burger will be, with double sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, chives, caramelized onions, and a fried egg. Bring the kids and let them order from the menu designed just for them.

Make sure everyone in your group saves room for dessert. Have a milkshake, a Ted’s Tart, or a slice of pie or cake. A boozy shake is a great treat to relax if you’ve been shopping for Reston real estate.

Visit Ted’s Bulletin today to see the full menu and make a reservation.


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Dec. 4, 2019

Whitney Park East Cluster Homes Offer a Great Reston Location

Choose Whitey Park East Cluster homes for a central location.Make time to visit Whitney Park East Cluster homes as you search Reston real estate. The community of townhouses includes 32 units in several floorplans. The living, dining, and kitchen areas are all on the ground floor, along with a powder room. Two bedrooms or three bedrooms are on the second floor, including the master bedroom and its ensuite bathroom. The basement may be finished as a recreation room or it may have a bedroom or two, along with another bathroom. The cluster has its own tot lot playground, perfect for families to get to know one another. A forested area surrounds the cluster and is a fun place to walk, jog, or explore.

Shop Reston Real Estate and Find Great Schools and Green Spaces

Families looking at Whitney Park East Cluster homes will be happy with the local public schools. Terraset Elementary is the closest elementary school. It provides solid academics and gets glowing reviews for excellent teachers and a friendly atmosphere for kids. Students then go on to Langston Hughes Middle School, which also has strong academics and great parent reviews. There are also several excellent private schools, giving parents lots of choices.

Many people choose Reston because of its proximity to Washington DC. It’s easy to get in to the city via VA-267 (Dulles Access Road) and I-66. The Silver Line has a stop just two miles away from Whitney Park East Cluster, at the Wiehle Reston East Station.

Reston is known as a very walkable community, with many miles of trails. The Red Loop Trail runs near the cluster, and residents can walk over to South Lakes Town Center, just a mile away. Get coffee with friends, meet for a meal, and enjoy the view of Lake Thoreau. You can also go grocery shopping at Safeway. Reston Town Center has even more shopping, as well as lots of fun events. It’s less than three miles away from the cluster.


Dec. 2, 2019

Enjoy a Weekend of Christmas Fun Near Your Herndon Home

Have holiday fun near your Herndon home.The Christmas season is a fun time to call Herndon home. There are many great events coming up. Make lasting family memories and create new traditions around the holidays. Santa, Stars, and S’mores will take place on Friday, December 6, 2019 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Come on out to Runnymede Park and follow the luminaries to a campfire where Santa will be waiting. There will be caroling, holiday music, and the chance to talk with Santa.

Be sure to dress warmly and bring some money along from your Herndon home to purchase a s’more kit. If the weather is bad, the event will be held instead on Sunday, December 8th at the same time. Volunteers are always welcome for this event. Find more details and information about volunteering for Santa, Stars, and S’mores

Herndon Real Estate Owners Find Great Buys at the Arts and Crafts Show

The Holiday Arts and Crafts Show will take place on Sunday, December 8th, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Join more than 90 artisans and craftspeople at this event. Shop for decorations for your Herndon real estate and find some great gifts for family and friends. Take advantage of free parking and admission at the Herndon Community Center, which is located at 814 Ferndale Ave. in Herndon.

This show is sponsored by the Town of Herndon Department of Parks and Recreation. Walk around and find fine art, ornaments, wreaths, crocheted and knitted items, jewelry, artwork, candles, photography, stained glass, and many more handcrafted items. Support local artisans and craftsmen and find some unique pieces for the holiday season. Keep money in the pockets of small local businesses. Find more details, including the vendor application for the Holiday Arts and Crafts Show. While at the town’s website, take a look at other upcoming events. There is always plenty to do in Herndon and many ways to meet other residents. 


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Nov. 27, 2019

Reston Home Owner Get on the Job Quickly on Plumbing Problems

Get a plumber to your Reston home to fix problems fast.When you own a Reston home, there are lots of maintenance tasks to keep up with. One of the big ones is plumbing issues. Seemingly small problems can indicate more serious problems. It’s very important to deal with them as soon as you notice them to prevent larger problems down the line. For instance, a dripping faucet might seem like a minor inconvenience. However, all those tiny droplets of water will add up to a huge amount of water wasted. To avoid a monster water bill, stop the drips as soon as you can. Sometimes it’s as simple as a washer that needs to be replaced. Sometimes you might end up replacing the faucet.

Avoid Bigger Problems by Calling a Plumber to Reston Real Estate Right Away

Slow drains can also indicate a larger problem with the plumbing on Reston real estate. This is another issue that’s easy to ignore or put off dealing with. It might be that there’s just a lot of hair in a drain, which is pretty easy to fix. There are other issues that are easily fixed with a plunger. However, if you find that these simple remedies don’t really solve the problem, call a plumber. Also keep in mind that many plumbers will charge an extra fee if there is a caustic product in the pipes. These products often do more harm than good, so skip them and go straight for the professional.

Low water pressure will result in annoyingly long showers, but it can also indicate that some of your fixtures are failing. Inconsistent pressure and leaks are also early warning signs. Don’t ignore them! Get a plumber in right away. Extensive plumbing work on a Reston home can cost a lot. But it won’t cost as much as cleaning up from a broken pipe and then replacing everything.

If you’re considering entering the Reston market, make sure you get an inspection of your plumbing. Fix any issues so that there are no surprises during the home inspection.


Nov. 25, 2019

Essentials for Packing up Reston Real Estate

Make a plan to pack Reston real estate efficiently.Packing is one of the least fun parts of buying or selling Reston real estate. Moving can be very stressful, but taking the time to plan some strategies for packing can make the whole process easier. First of all, start as early as you can. Gather all of the packing materials you will need, including boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap, and paper. Make a box to keep all of these items in so you don’t set them down and forget where they are.

Once you have the supplies, start packing all non essential items. Start several weeks in advance. Pack away items you will not need for a while and get them out of the house. Either clear an area to keep all packed boxes or rent a storage unit.

Pack Necessities to Take to Your New Reston Property

When moving day is getting closer, pack bags for each person of essential items that will be needed such as clothes, medications, and toiletries. Also think about the items that you will need the first evening in your new Reston real estate. Curtains for the windows, bedding, shower curtains, and a few kitchen items may be needed right away.

Once you begin packing everything in your Reston property, go room by room. Label each box with the contents and which room it will go into at the new place. Save space by packing containers that you already have such as suitcases and baskets with your belongings. Also use sheets, towels, and blankets to protect fragile items. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter objects in larger boxes so that they are easier to carry.

When loading the moving truck, put heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on the top. Take apart any furniture that you can and put the screws in a plastic bag taped to the furniture. By taking a little time to make a plan for packing, it will be less of a burden in the long run.


Nov. 20, 2019

Things to Consider Before Buying a Reston Property Condo

A condo can be a great Reston property purchase.If you are considering a condo when investing in a Reston property, it is important to do your research and fully understand what you are getting into. A condo can be a great choice because they are generally priced lower and have little to no maintenance involved. These units are especially popular with millenials who are just staring out and retirees who do not want the stress and expense of taking care of a yard or home exterior. However, condos generally do not hold their value as well as single-family residences, especially in housing crashes, and investing in a condo means that you are financially tied to the other owners.

Be Sure to Hire an Experienced Reston Real Estate Agent

It is best to work with an agent that is well versed in condo transactions if looking to purchase one. If possible, find someone who has done business in the particular Reston property you are considering. Be sure to get all pertinent documentation about the building. Find out what percentage of units are occupied by owners and how many are rented out. Are there Airbnb units in the building? Think about who you want to have for neighbors. Also be aware that financing options are also affected by this information. Mortgage companies require that a certain percentage of units be occupied by an owner.

Mortgage companies will also require that homeowner association fees are regularly being paid on time by other tenants and that there is a reserve fund available for unanticipated bills. Be sure to also find out if there have been any lawsuits or special assessments in that last 10 years. Have owners been required to pay any costs above regular dues to cover unanticipated bills? Also find out what insurance comes with being a part of the HOA and what kind of coverage you will need to purchase for yourself. Do your due diligence and find out the facts before going through with a condo Reston real estate purchase.


Nov. 18, 2019

Have Reston Real Estate Inspected for Pests Before Putting It up for Sale

Get Reston real estate inspected for pests before selling.If you’re selling Reston real estate, there are lots of steps to prepare your house for the market. One that you might not know about is a pest inspection. The law requires that the seller pay for the inspection. Both carpenter bees and termites can be a problem in the area, and buyers will want to know that your Reston property is clear of them. The good news is that the inspection probably won’t cost too much. Most companies charge between $50 and $200. Your real estate agent can recommend several trustworthy companies. Be sure to check out their reviews online. Asking for recommendations from friends and family is a good idea, too. Go with the company with the most comprehensive inspection and guarantee that has the highest reviews.

Reston Property Certified Pest-Free Is a Good Selling Point

It’s important to see that having an experienced company inspect your house actually protects you. Since the inspection is a legal requirement, you won’t be able to sell your house at all without it. In addition, some loan programs, like the FHA and the VA, require that insect damage be fixed before the house is sold. The inspection also protects you from litigation later on. Since you’re paying for it, you can go with the company with the best reputation, even if it costs a little more. Being able to present a report from a respected company saying your home is free of pests can save you a huge headache in litigation in the long run.

Having Resto real estate inspected for pests before putting it up for sale can be a good plan. If the inspection is clear, you can use that fact as a selling point. If you discover damage from pests, you can take steps to remedy the damage before entering the market. As a seller, it’s best to do inspections and repairs ahead of time. That way you will be much more likely to have a smooth experience selling the house.


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Nov. 13, 2019

Renting in Reston? Think Carefully About the Pros and Cons of Homeownership

Figure out if renting in Reston or buying is right for you.It can be a tough decision to continue renting in Reston or to buy a home. You may even get preapproved for a mortgage and put in an offer on a home. At this point, cold feet could set in. This may sound scary, but it can actually be the best thing for you. Sometimes you do not know if you really want to do something or if it is really best for you until you start the process.

Once you get an offer in on a house, doubts and fears may start seeping in. You start thinking about all of the maybe’s and what if’s that could happen. This is a good time to think about the pros and cons of going through with a home purchase. Take a look at the list when you are finished and see if thinking everything through has made you excited to own Reston real estate or if you think that renting in Reston is still the best choice.

Owning Reston Real Estate Can Make Financial Sense

If you are worried about the price and money, keep in mind that you have already been pre approved for a mortgage. Even if the mortgage payment is higher than your rent was, remember that you will be able to deduct the mortgage interest from your taxes. If the home comes with a warranty, this means that repair costs should not be as scary. Plus, most home improvement projects can be done over time and spread out. You will also be building equity in the home. You will be able to sell it in the future and have an investment. Renting does not have a return on investment.

Of course, there is more to buying a home than just the money. Are the neighbors friendly? How Is the commute time? Are you ready for the responsibilities of cleaning out the gutters and shoveling snow? Hopefully you took the time to weigh out the pros and cons of buying before deciding to get pre approved and looking at homes. If the cold feet set in only after an offer, it is good to remember why you decided to move forward to begin with.


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Nov. 11, 2019

Head to Jimmy’s Near Your Herndon Home and Relax at Your Local Tavern

Herndon home owners go to Jimmy's for food and fun.Whether you’re a new Herndon home owner or have lived in the community for many years, you should do yourself a favor and get to Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern as soon as you can. Bring the kids if you’ve got them and meet up with local friends. Start out with a classic tavern appetizer, like buffalo wings or onion rings. Try the famous nachos--Jimchos, tortilla chips served up with chili, Monterey jack and Cheddar cheeses, jalapeno peppers, sour cream, and fresh salsa. Warm up with a bowl of stew or chili. Have a burger or sandwich. If you’re very hungry, try one of the steaks, a plate of pierogies and kielbasa, or jambalaya. Kids can choose from their own menu, with hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled cheese, or PB & J.

Herndon Real Estate Owners Have a Blast at Jimmy’s Every Day of the Week

If you’re looking for new friends who also live on Herndon real estate, Jimmy’s is just the place for you. It hosts great weekly and special events. Head to Jimmy’s to cheer on your favorite team for Monday night football. There’s also poker tournaments at 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. Tuesday is Trivia Night, starting at 7 p.m. Get to know up and coming local bands on Wednesdays at Open Mic Night. Thursdays see guest bartenders and other fundraisers, as well as DJs and live music. Let your hair down on Friday night at the weekly fish fry. There’s also a DJ and dancing. Bring your date to Jimmy’s on Saturday for prime rib at 4 p.m. and stay for dancing and the DJ after dinner. Card sharks come back on Sundays for poker tournaments at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, and 7:30 p.m.

Visit Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern online to see the full menu and a calendar of upcoming events. Give the kitchen at your Herndon home a rest and make reservations for Thanksgiving dinner at Jimmy’s. 


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