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Oct. 21, 2020

Get Authentic Italian Cuisine on Reston Real Estate at Gregorio’s Trattoria

Eat Italian food on Reston real estate.One of the things that attracts many people to Reston real estate is the amazing local restaurant scene. In addition to many national chains, Reston boasts a ton of local eateries with lots of character. Reston home owners looking for traditional Italian cooking should check out Gregorio’s Trattoria.

Gregorio’s is dedicated to using the best and freshest local produce to create its delicious dishes. They’re open for both lunch and dinner, with an extensive menu and lots of options. Start with a plate of Gregorio’s signature fresh salad or a bowl of minestrone soup. If you come in for dinner, there’s also a great choice of appetizers. Try mussels verdicchio, meatball sliders, or bruschetta.

Eat In or Bring Food Back to Your Reston Home

For entrees, there’s a ton to choose from! At lunch, get a quick, filling meal by ordering a sandwich, which comes with fries. Enjoy a stack of Italian cured meats on the hot Italian sub. Go for something hot like the chicken parmigiana on a cold day. At both lunch and dinner, diners can choose from seafood, chicken, baked pastas, veal, and meat entrees. Then there’s the pizza. Choose from a classic New York-style pizza, a traditional Italian margherita pizza, or go for something unusual like barbecue chicken pizza.

Those who eat gluten-free or vegetarian can find some great choices that accommodate their needs. Gregorio’s also welcomes children with a special menu just for them.

Maybe you need to relax after a long day of working. The Reston real estate location of Gregorio’s has happy hour everyday from 4 to 6 p.m. In addition, you can come in for Wine Down Wednesday or Saturday Nite Wine Down. Starting at 5 p.m., wine by the bottle is half price.

Visit Gregorio’s Trattorio online to find the full menu. You can order online for pick up or choose to eat in. They’re located in North Point Village Center. 


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Oct. 19, 2020

Fall Maintenance Tips for Reston Property Owners

Reston property owners do fall maintenance.Fall is a great time to take care of maintenance projects around your Reston property. Take advantage of the nice days during the fall to prepare your home for winter and tackle any projects you have been putting off for a while. Start by clearing any woodpiles or other debris away from your home. If critters have made a home in one of these piles, it is likely that they may wander into your home when it gets cold. Seal up any other entry points into your home, check your siding, foundation, and the area around doors and windows. Use caulking in any gaps. This will keep pests from getting in and also keep cold air out, decreasing your heating bills.

Inspect Reston Real Estate Inside and Out

To ensure that your home will stay warm all winter, have your furnace cleaned and inspected to make sure that it is working properly and ready to perform during the cold months. If you have a fireplace in your Reston property, it is important to have the firebox and chimney professionally cleaned before the season. Lighting a fire in your Reston real estate is a true treat on a chilly evening. Just make sure it’s safe and that there is not a build up of creosote.

Head up to your roof to check on it. If you find any problems, call in a professional to replace them and make any other necessary repairs. Any damage on the roof can lead to damage in your house, especially when snow and ice hit. While you are on the roof, check and clean your gutters. If there are sticks, leaves, or other debris in the gutters, they could get clogged and water may run out of the gutters instead of into the downspouts. It is important that water is taken away from your home via the downspouts to keep your foundation dry.


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Oct. 14, 2020

Discover Saddler Oaks Cluster Homes and Enjoy a Reston Lifestyle

Check out Saddler Oaks Cluster homes.Check out beautiful Saddler Oaks Cluster homes and find a great location near all the best Reston amenities. Saddler Oaks is a community of attached townhomes. There are several floor plans and sizes, from two to four bedrooms and three to five bathrooms. Most will have living and dining on the main floor, with bedrooms above. Many units will have a finished basement, often with a bathroom. The flexible space can be used for a rec room, guest quarters, a home office, or home gym. Like most of Reston, there’s plenty of green space around Saddler Oaks Cluster homes. You’ll find either a ground floor deck or one off the upper story. It’s a great spot to relax, read a book, sip a cup of tea, and enjoy the view. Families with kids will also appreciate the two tot lots in the community. Kids can run around while adults chat.

Reston Real Estate Offers Recreation, Dining, and Shopping

Saddler Oaks Cluster is a great location for Reston real estate owners to take advantage of all Reston offers. Reston Association Tennis Courts and Shadowood Pool are both very close. Snakeden Branch Trail runs through the community and is great for a brisk walk or run. Reston National Golf Course is also nearby. Reston Community Center is also very close and offers a huge variety of fitness and recreation resources.

When it comes to nearby shopping and dining, Reston has what you need. There’s a small shopping center with a Safeway for groceries and a couple of restaurants. Reston Town Center is less than three miles away and offers fine dining, several retail shops, as well as groceries and professional offices. People who plan to commute to Washington will find the highway conveniently close. For those who prefer to take the train, the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station is about two miles away.


Oct. 12, 2020

Get Moving Near Your Reston Home with the Pumpkin 5K and Fitness Challenge

Get moving near your Reston home.Autumn is a great time to get out of your Reston home and get active. If you want to add a little friendly competition to your fitness routine, sign up for the Reston Pumpkin 5K and Fitness Challenge. There are lots of ways to participate, so you can find one that works for you. Clock a one-mile run or walk. Challenge yourself to complete a 5K run or walk. Try the Halloween 13--a virtual 13-mile run or walk around Reston. 

Get Family and Friends Together for Outdoor Fun on Reston Real Estate

If you’d rather do another activity, sign up for one of the timed challenges. Can you get in 500 minutes of moving before October 31st? Anything counts! Swim, do a yoga class, play tennis with friends--whatever you like. The goal of the fitness challenge is to encourage Reston real estate owners to take a break from their computers and get their hearts pumping. Getting outside is a great way to refresh your mind and spirit. It’s easier to get together with friends if you’re all outside, too. This is an opportunity to establish a family commitment to moving more as well. Take a walk after dinner. Try out hikes on the weekend. Get involved in a new sport.

To participate, you’ll need to register online. The registration fee is $35, but it will go up after October 16th, so act quickly. Once you’ve registered, you can choose any of the challenges. Feeling ambitious? Opt for more than one. You can also invite friends and family members to form a team to keep each other motivated. Log your minutes on the website and see who’s ahead and who needs encouragement.

Participants will receive a commemorative t-shirt and event medal. Print out a custom bib and post on your social media channels about participating. Once you’re done, you can print out a certificate of completion to hang in your Reston home to remind you to keep up the habit of moving.

Visit the Reston Pumpkin 5K and Fitness Challenge website to get started. 


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Sept. 30, 2020

Selling a Reston Home? Get the Landscaping in Good Shape

Reston home owners get landscaping in good shape.We talk a lot about ways to get the interior of a Reston home ready to sell. This is because so much of real estate sales begin online, with potential buyers clicking through a gallery of images on their phone or computer. However, the exterior of Reston real estate is just as important. People form impressions very quickly, and they’re hard to change. Buyers might have fallen in love with a carefully staged and photographed interior. But if they drive up and see a shaggy lawn, dead plants, or generally uninspired landscaping, they might change their minds about purchasing. 

Invest in Beautiful Landscaping to Sell Reston Real Estate Quickly

The good news is that landscaping can be relatively easy and inexpensive. It can also increase the value of your house, too. Start with the lawn. Be sure it’s neatly clipped and edged. Add fertilizer if there are any unhealthy spots.

For the next step, you need to think about the overall style of your home. Find photos of similar houses and see what kind of landscaping works or just walk around the neighborhood. People who enjoy gardening are usually happy to talk. You can also take photos and bring them to your local plant nursery to get help from the staff there.

It’s a good idea to think about all four seasons. Bulbs planted in the fall will come up in the spring. Local wildflowers will look great throughout the summer. Pretty shrubs and bushes will see you through the fall, and a few touches of evergreen will be bright spots in winter. Shade trees are a great investment, too. If you have a very small front yard or not too much time, get some bright potted plants and be sure to find attractive pots for them.

Not only will good landscaping help your Reston home sell faster, it will also provide you with a lot of joy to come home to a good-looking house, inside and out.


Sept. 28, 2020

Prepare Reston Property for Winter: Get Your HVAC Checked

Reston property owners do air conditioner maintenance.As the weather starts cooling off, it is time to start thinking about preparing the air conditioner at your Reston property for fall. It is a good idea to shut down the unit for the season once the hot days are behind you and also to make sure that the unit will be ready to go next spring or summer when it starts getting hot again. Here are a few things to consider as fall begins.

Check out the overall performance of your air conditioner. Check to see how long it takes to reach the temperature set on your thermostat, make sure that the air coming out of the vents is cool, listen for strange sounds, and watch the unit run to make sure nothing seems out of the ordinary. Also check that the thermostat is registering the actual temperature and kicking on at the set temperature. If you notice anything that does not seem right, call in a professional. Even if nothing seems wrong, the fall is a great time for general maintenance to be done on the HVAC system at your Reston property. The technician can check out your air conditioning system and also make sure that your furnace is ready for the challenge of heating your home through the winter.

Now is a Great Time for Reston Home Owners to Do Seasonal Maintenance

If any repairs are needed, the generally mild temperatures of fall means that you will not leave yourself in a bind if work needs to be done and you cannot use your furnace or air conditioner. Also talk to your technician about turning off your air conditioner for the season, cleaning out the unit, and also if the part located outdoors should be covered. It will be good to be prepared for winter, which is coming right around the corner. Keep in mind that performing regular maintenance on the major systems in your Reston home will help them to last longer and save you money in the long run.


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Sept. 23, 2020

Tips to for Reston Real Estate Owners to Care for Wood Furniture

Keep Reston real estate beautiful by caring for wood furniture.Real wood furniture is a beautiful addition to Reston real estate and can last generations if properly cared for. When you buy wood furniture, always ask about proper cleaning and care instructions. If you purchase or inherit used wood furniture and do not have instructions, there are still many things you can do to take care of it. 

It all starts with taking steps to simply care for the wood furniture in your Reston real estate. Use coasters whenever setting glasses or mugs down to prevent water rings. Also use trivets or potholders under hot pans and use place mats when dining to prevent spills. This also means keeping your nice wood furniture away from direct sunlight, a fireplace, or vents, anywhere that might expose the wood to extreme light or temperatures.

Take Care of Wood Furniture to Keep Your Reston Home Looking Good

Another simple thing is to dust often. Particles left on wood can lead to scratches and dusting often can keep that from happening. In addition to dusting, clean and protect your wood. Never use all-purpose cleaners. A cloth with water and some mild detergent should be all that is needed. Ring out the cloth well to make sure it is not dripping wet and also wipe the wood with clean water to remove any soap residue when finished. Once clean, polish your wood furniture. Be sure to not use too much product, or buildup will occur. Buff well after application to make sure this does not happen.

Lastly, repair any damage as soon as possible. This includes small scratches. Use a liquid polish that will hide abrasions. If the damage gets to be too much, the furniture may need to be stripped and restained. Painting is another option which allows you to skip sanding. By taking the time to give the wood furniture in your home a little care and attention, you will ensure it will be beautiful for many years to come.


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Sept. 21, 2020

Start Your Reston Home Ownership Journey with Routine Maintenance

Start routine maintenance on your new Reston home.After you purchase a Reston home, you’ll want to breathe a big sigh of relief. However, there is still much to be done. You just spent a large amount of money on your purchase, so it is important to protect it and make sure that all maintenance jobs are up to date. 

A good place to start is to take a peek in the gutters. These important features protect the foundation of your home by directing water away from it. It is important that water can flow freely into the gutters and through the downspouts and away from the house. Make sure there is not debris clogging the gutters, clean them out if necessary, and also check to make sure that water is indeed flowing away from the house from the downspouts.

Reston Real Estate Owners Inspect the Major Systems Regularly

Some major systems to take a look at in your new Reston home are the air conditioner, furnace, and water heater. Change the filter in your HVAC system and also have a professional out to inspect the system and give it a tune up. Even if it is functional, a tune up can help to save money by making sure the system is running efficiently. As for the water heater, it is likely that it needs to be drained. Sediment builds up over time, which causes the heater to be less efficient. It is unlikely a seller performed this task before selling.

A final place to look at is the plumbing in your Reston real estate. Leaks can cause major damage, so it is a good idea to look under all sinks for water and to look at ceilings for signs of water stains. Test all faucets for drips and also make sure that all toilets flush properly and are not running. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call in a plumber to take a look.

It’s a good idea to make a list of regular maintenance tasks and set reminders to get them done. This will prolong the life of the major systems in your home and gives you the opportunity to fix small problems before they become bigger and more expensive.


Sept. 16, 2020

Doing Reston Property Improvements? Replace Old Windows

Replace windows on Reston property.Whether you’re thinking of selling your Reston property soon or just want to do a few upgrades, replacing old windows is one of the best things you can do. If you’re living with older windows in your Reston home, you know that they can start to look a bit sad. New windows will give your house a fresh look. Check out models with beautiful wood or vinyl trim for a lovely finish. This will appeal to potential buyers as they drive up and create great curb appeal.

New Windows Give Any Reston Home a Fresh Look and Come with Great Features

Often, older windows will have a poor seal between themselves and the house. Not only does this look bad, it lets in cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer. The windows might rattle, too, which is also unpleasant. New windows will have a firm seal. In addition, new windows will help to decrease the chance for moisture to seep into the house and cause damage. You can opt for double or triple pane windows, which will also help to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. This will help to decrease your utility bills. These kinds of windows will also reduce noise pollution from traffic, barking dogs, yard maintenance, and more.

Many new windows have great features, like double pane windows with shades or blinds between the panes. This means that fewer allergens and less dust gets trapped on the blinds, making your home healthier. These shades are often operated via a smart device, so small children and pets can’t get tangled or hurt in cords.

For the safety-conscious, consider getting windows with secure locks for your Reston property. Some also come with security sensors that can be wired into a home security system. These features give peace of mind.

Anyone who wants to stretch their home improvement dollars should consider replacing windows. They have an excellent return on investment when it’s time to sell, and they improve the quality of life in the home overall.


Sept. 14, 2020

Renting in Reston or Buying: Which is Right for Your Situation?

Renting in Reston or buying is a tough decision.Coronavirus has changed so many aspects of life for so many people. Mortgage rates are at historic lows, and that is causing some people renting in Reston to wonder if now is the time to buy. As usual, there are a lot of moving parts to such a big decision. You have to think carefully about your current needs, your short-range prospects, and your long-term plans.

Nationally, rents are rising, which is another factor that makes people consider buying. However, house prices are also very high. It’s true that you can find some Reston real estate that is cheaper than average. Most of these homes need some degree of fixing up. A fixer-upper can be a good investment, especially for people who are handy and can do some of the work themselves.

Reston Real Estate Is a Good Investment

It is true that renting in Reston is usually less expensive than buying. However, the difference may be only a few hundred dollars a month, even when you factor in property taxes and HOA fees. If you really want to buy, now might be a good time to go over your budget and see what you can trim. Or make a budget if you’ve never done it. Sometimes just calculating how much you’re spending on eating out or impulse buys online can help you save.

There are downsides to buying, especially in uncertain times. Consider your job security. Certain sectors have been hit hard by coronavirus, while others are fine. You should also think carefully about your income prospects. Do you expect a raise or a bonus soon? Or are you likely to experience a pay cut? If you’re thinking of moving to a bigger place to start a family, how will that decision impact your finances?

Renting can make a lot more sense for people who are unsure about the future. It also makes sense to rent when you think you will move in the next few years. It usually takes at least five years for owning to build up enough equity to make selling profitable.